Want a Live Business Makeover During My Record-Breaking Event?

If you’ve ever wondered what a business and marketing consultant could do for your business, here’s your chance to find out for free! During my record-breaking webcast, I’ll be hosting a live business makeover hour, in which I’ll be taking your questions and working directly with some of you one-on-one to improve and grow your businesses. I’ll literally be doing what I’ve been doing for businesses for the last fifteen years and what I do with my one-on-one clients on a daily basis, so that you can see “behind the curtain” what I do.

If you’re in Indianapolis, you’ll come on stage with me (don’t worry, it’s not a very big stage and I’ll make it super-not-scary) and we’ll talk about your business. Then, I’ll give you my feedback and advice to improve your branding, marketing, social media, and other aspects of your business.

Not from around here, but want my help? Email me your questions below and I’ll answer as many of them live during this hour as I can get to. And I might just ask you to get on camera with me to talk about your business.

Send me your business question or request your business makeover below:

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