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The Schedule of Events Has Been Posted »

It’s official! I’ve posted the entire schedule of events with titles and description of presentations. I have to say…it’s amazing to see the names of the people participating in this event and the kinds of presentations they’re delivering. I’ve already been hearing from people that they’re marking their calendars, but there are so many extraordinary presentations […]

Michael E. Gerber, Of The Amazing “The E-Myth,” Is Keynoting…and More! »

The E-Myth is one of the greatest business books ever written. There’s literally no debate about that. The Wall Street Journal said it was the #1 bestselling business book of all time. I assign it as required reading to my startup clients. It’s just a really, really solid book. Well, the author of that book, Michael E. […]

Updates to the Guest List »

I have to confess something: This is one of the best projects I have ever taken on. I am having more fun gathering guests and sponsors than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve talked to the most incredible people and forged some truly unexpected friendships. I literally wake up in the middle of the night, thinking […]