Sponsor Updates

Doing an event like this is fun, but it gets even more fun when companies you respect and like agree to sponsor your event and show they believe in you. I’ve already announced our Official Sponsor, Bluehost, but I also want to tell you about the other fantastic companies sponsoring this event:

Eventfull Planning: Eventfull Planning is the planning company helping me organize the event logistics. They’re really good at taking meetings so I don’t have to and helping me to make this whole thing more spectacular. I’ve definitely given my planner, Laura, a hard time about keeping costs low and so I haven’t really let her make things quite as fabulous as she’d like. But she’s pretty darned amazing and this event is definitely better because of her expertise.

Internet Genius: Internet Genius, also known as Ben Cope, is the creative genius behind all of my web sites. Ben is my personal web mind reader. I give him an idea and we talk through the “hows” of it all and somehow he’s able to create something magical. He’s incredible and definitely the best web developer I’ve ever worked with. He’s the best of the best.

John P. Wiley & Sons: Wiley is one of the great publishing houses today and I love that they’ve got an office right here on the north side of Indianapolis. Of their business authors, probably about 80% of them are speaking in this event, and Wiley was kind enough to sponsor the event and donate some books that we can give away. I think that’s super-cool and it shows that Wiley’s behind their authors.

Wilks & Wilson: Wilks & Wilson is an Indianapolis-based creator of hand-crafted, organic syrups that are used in cocktails, non-alcoholic beverages, in cooking, or added to coffee. In our case, Wilks & Wilson are the sponsors of our After Party, in which we’ll either celebrate or commiserate over a custom, signature drink that the mixologists of Wilks & Wilson are concocting just for us, called “The Record Breaker.”

I honestly can’t express enough gratitude for these companies and their support of this event. Thanks so much!!!

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