So I’m Going To Try To Break A Record…

Yep, I’m going to make an attempt to break a record. A real record. Of the official type.

Of course, I can’t say a lot about it yet, since the guidelines of the governing body kind of restrict my use of their name, but you can probably guess who it is. You’ve probably seen their official book. You know, the book with the photo of the guy with those creepy, curly fingernails? Well, that’s what I remember from when I first saw that book. Never forgot it.

What I can tell you is that I’ll be attempting to break the official record for the ‘Longest Uninterrupted Live Webcast’ and even though the current record is 24 hours, I’ll be going for 36. Why 36 hours? Because I don’t want to just break the record. I want to slaughter the record (sorry, kids of Bella Vista High).

I can also tell you it’s going to be a major business and marketing extravaganza. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, this event will be tailored for you.

I’m packing this event with all my friends and favorite bestselling authors, celebrity entrepreneurs, super-mega-successful experts, and more. You won’t find another event like this one…well, anywhere.

You’ll be able to view the webcast live on this web site from the comfort of your own home, or, if you’re in Indianapolis, we’ll have a venue where you can come and watch the webcast and maybe even participate in person. I’m planning a big celebration when we break the record, but remember, I’m also planning to surpass the record, so I’ll be hosting a VIP After Party to celebrate a mega-successful event.

Stay tuned as I fill out the guest list and gather all the details! This is going to be quite a ride!

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