About Susan Baroncini-Moe

Known as “The Micro-Entrepreneur’s Mentor,” Susan Baroncini-Moe has been mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners for over fifteen years. A veteran of the web industry, Susan has leveraged her unique fusion of business and technological knowledge, her experience in the personal growth industry, and her incredible brainstorming capabilities to transform businesses around the globe.

Specializing in working with micro-entrepreneurs (a word she coined to refer to businesses owned and operated by one or two people) in the service industry, Susan is a sought-after trainer, business and marketing consultant, and public speaker. She holds a Master’s degree in social psychology, was trained by Nightingale-Conant, and is a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming. She has read over 1,500 books on business, entrepreneurship, marketing, branding, sales, personal growth, creative thinking, and peak performance.

About The Attempt

This event is a record-breaking attempt. What’s the record we want to break? World’s longest live uninterrupted webcast.

The current record stands at 24 hours, and was achieved by Bella Vista High School, in Fair Oaks, California, USA, between 22-23 February 2011. The record attempt began at 8:30 am on 22 February and lasted until 8:30 am on 23 February 2011. The theme of the webcast was multilingualism.

That’s right, we’re taking it away from the children. Sorry about that.

Susan has been approved by Guinness World Records ™ and will be complying with all official guidelines and regulations regarding her attempt.

About The Event

When Susan decided to attempt to break a world record, she wanted to make a difference with her attempt. She decided to leverage her connections in the marketing and business world to bring together the best and most well-known minds in the industry for what she called “a business and marketing extravaganza.”

The event will be broadcast live online at this web site, and will also be shown on a giant screen in Indianapolis, Indiana, where you can be a part of this record-breaking attempt by coming to watch the webcast live and in person.