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It’s Official! We Did It!!!

It’s official! Last week I received word from Guinness World Records® that the BARWS event was successful. I am the new world record holder for the longest uninterrupted live webcast! I almost can’t believe it’s real. But…it totally is! I have an official certificate and everything. So, thank you, Guinness World Records, and thank you […]

BARWS Follow-Up Webcast Is Scheduled!

Have you ever left an event with questions, or realized a week or two later that you couldn’t remember something someone said or weren’t sure how to apply a tip? Well, that sort of wondering is at an end! I’m doing something that no one else does after their events. On Tuesday, July 10 at […]


It’s not official, at least not by Guinness World Records™ standards. I still have to send in a boatload of paperwork and documentation to the official office and get approval. But here’s what I can tell you: The #BARWS webcast lasted 36 hours and a few seconds without interruption, thanks to all of our careful “risk […]

Want a Live Business Makeover During My Record-Breaking Event?

If you’ve ever wondered what a business and marketing consultant could do for your business, here’s your chance to find out for free! During my record-breaking webcast, I’ll be hosting a live business makeover hour, in which I’ll be taking your questions and working directly with some of you one-on-one to improve and grow your […]

The Schedule of Events Has Been Posted

It’s official! I’ve posted the entire schedule of events with titles and description of presentations. I have to say…it’s amazing to see the names of the people participating in this event and the kinds of presentations they’re delivering. I’ve already been hearing from people that they’re marking their calendars, but there are so many extraordinary presentations […]

Sponsor Updates

Doing an event like this is fun, but it gets even more fun when companies you respect and like agree to sponsor your event and show they believe in you. I’ve already announced our Official Sponsor, Bluehost, but I also want to tell you about the other fantastic companies sponsoring this event: Eventfull Planning: Eventfull Planning […]

NEWS: We have our OFFICIAL Sponsor!

I’m so pleased to announce that we have an official sponsor for Break A Record With Susan. Yesterday, Bluehost, home of the most spectacular web hosting of all time, officially agreed to be our Record-Breaker sponsor! This is big news and it is super exciting to be associated with such a high-quality, well-regarded company. Bluehost offers web […]

The Zen of Hosting a Big Event

When I began this record-breaking odyssey, I’m not sure I really knew what I was getting into. I actually envisioned hosting this event from my home office, and that was, well, easy. However, once I received the official rules from Guinness World Records™ though, I quickly realized I had a lot more to do than […]

Michael E. Gerber, Of The Amazing “The E-Myth,” Is Keynoting…and More!

The E-Myth is one of the greatest business books ever written. There’s literally no debate about that. The Wall Street Journal said it was the #1 bestselling business book of all time. I assign it as required reading to my startup clients. It’s just a really, really solid book. Well, the author of that book, Michael E. […]

Updates to the Guest List

I have to confess something: This is one of the best projects I have ever taken on. I am having more fun gathering guests and sponsors than I ever dreamed possible. I’ve talked to the most incredible people and forged some truly unexpected friendships. I literally wake up in the middle of the night, thinking […]